My dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

Christmas is a sacred time of joy, love & peace. Unfortunately It is slowly evolving into a secular event filled with eating, drinking, spending & partying. It is like having a mega celebration without knowing why we celebrate or even if we realise that we are celebrating the Birthday of Jesus then not focussing on Him as the reason for the celebration. Do we ever have a birthday party for someone but without inviting the birthday person?!? The world is trying to focus on Santa, Christmas as an image & season of fun and fantasy. But in reality Santa is St Nicholas, a bishop who went round in disguise to search for the poor and give help while Jesus was the utmost and best gift God gave to all of us. So, without loosing the meaning of these, let us celebrate Christmas, by sharing our joy, love & peace with all around us especially the poor and the needy.

May God continue to bless you all.

Fr. Albert Yogarajah, Parish priest.

Christmas 2017